/ Отримай 300 грн у подарунок із кодом SPRING300 /
/ Отримай 300 грн у подарунок із кодом SPRING300 /
/ Отримай 300 грн у подарунок із кодом SPRING300 /
/ Отримай 300 грн у подарунок із кодом SPRING300/
/ Отримай 300 грн у подарунок із кодом SPRING300 /
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2016 – 2023
AW 23/23. Winter drop.

SS 22. Summer drop.

AW 21/22 "ILLUSIONS". The brand plunged into the science of illusions, as they force us to reinterpret our senses, and our sense of being in the world. Reality is unique to each brain and nervous system. How our brains process what we see also underlie most of our thinking. Thus reality is the matter of "relativity". We took inspiration in Escher's lithograph print of the same name to emphasize the illusive state of the perception.

SS21 "CONTACT". Summer drop of daily garments, named after the science fiction book and film of the same name.
Thematically the drop reflects on the idea of a permanent desire to search and contact with another form of life.
During the quarantine days, as never before, humanity felt the need for communication. We are social beings and always strive for closeness, and as a species, we are now looking for neighbours in the Universe. These thoughts are reflected in prints.

AW19/20 "ALTERNATE 1" PT.2 is continuation of the summer collection devoted to the escapism to the parallel dimension. The aesthetics was inspired by the images from dystopian movie "THX 1138". And by "Per Aspera Ad Astra", soviet science fiction film about intergalactic rescue service. For the drop Act.1 blended comfortable daily items from different cultures, together forming a single universal style. The brand notes timelessness and utility as the main qualities of the clothing.

SS20 "ALTERNATE 1" PT.1 is inspired by the concept of the many-worlds interpretation. It introduces another version of our reality. The one where modernism prevailed as a philosophy, applying the principles of functionality to everything from architecture to clothing. Where wardrobe is valued for timelessness and utility. The concept is supported by the garments' functionality and outlandish style.

SS19 "BUREAU" shifted the focus more to the environment where architects and engineers would work and learn. Particularly universities and professional bureaus from 60-80 era. The brand offered its take on everyday fits which are about simplicity and sufficiency. With detailing inspired by the engineering documentation.

AW18/19 "UTOPIA" collection explores the modernists ideas, considered utopian at the beginning of the century. That nevertheless formed modern design and architecture. Prints refer to the experiments of Kazimir Malevich with Suprematic Order and Architektons, as well as color and forms in his paintings.

SS18 "COMPOSITIONS" is a continuation of functionality and versatility adding more color and graphics. Partially inspired by the avant-garde artists of the 1920's. Simplicity and practicality were the main expressive means of constructivists. And non-objective art opposed the overloading with subtexts. Collection tributes these ideas.
AW17/18 "BRUTALISM" was devoted to the British and Soviet massive structures of the 1950s and 1980s. Brand praised the distinct urbanism, mixed from rigor shapes and rough unfinished materials. The very inspiration was not about "brutality", but rather the initial approach of architects. The essence is in the utilitarian accessibility.

SS17 "LETATLIN" came from Kyiv constructivist objects and 20th-century avant-gardists.
One of them Tatlin believed that any entity must be of three qualities - functional, durable and beautiful. Exact principles that defined the collection. As Tatlin practiced we used both natural and special tech fabrics, balancing natural feel and technical performance.

AW16/17 maintains the initial thorough approach to basics. Universal pieces with thoughtful detailing.

SS16 introduced the simplified silhouettes and complex cut. The principles that would become the part of brand's dna eventually.